Flowtimer accessories

FlowTimer+ Hub

connects FlowTimer+ with
  • a Smartphone
  • an alarm system
  • other Flowtimer+ devices
  • FlowTimer+ Protect (Hot Water Stop)
  • a smart home sensor (via cable adapter)
FlowTimer+ Hub water damage or water stop notification via SMS
  • Plug and play, no configuration or operation at the device necessary!
  • green - external smartphone is charging
  • red - SMS via external smartphone, due to alarm
  • no display - SMS is sent via smartphone because of power failure
Relay output
  • Output for an alarm system (NO / NC)
  • Switching output can also be used for Smart Home Sensor for alarm forwarding
  • each Hub- four FlowTimer+ products
  • each Hub- three FlowTimer+ products and one more Hub

FlowTimer+ Sound

Wireless pre-alarm
  • mobile optical and acoustic pre-alarm
  • wireless and revolutionary design
FlowTimer+ Sound leakage protection with pre-alarm via wireless Alarm
  • Pre-alarm - three minutes before the set maximum permanent flow time is reached
  • acoustic - melody is selectable
  • optical - lights up in color and flashes (adjustable)
  • repeated pre-alarm - if the water flow was not stopped
  • ready to connect - no wiring
  • high quality Honeywell components
  • Honeywell ActivLink Radio protocol with 868 MHz frequency

FlowTimer+ Connect

Smart Home Interface
  • Shuts off the water supply in the event of a smart home alarm
  • Can only be used in conjunction with at least one FlowTimer+ and one Smart Home wireless switch socket!
Connect leakage protection with Smart Home
  • Shut-off is done by switching on the Smart Home socket
  • Unlocking directly on the FlowTimer + or via its power supply
  • Plug and play, no further installation needed!
  • The FlowTimer + displays the status.
  • No software or other adapters needed!
  • ready to connect - no wiring
  • Plug the power adapter into the Smart Home socket
  • Plug adapter cable into FlowTimer+

FlowTimer+ Detect RF

Wireless Water Detector
  • If there is contact with tap water, the FlowTimer + shuts off immediately!
  • The bathroom, kitchen, water filter and drains can be monitored directly and safely.
FlowTimer+ Detect RF, Radio Water Detector,  water stop for the leak protection system.
  • Plug and play, simple push of a button to teach the detectors! No wifi, no cloud, no registration required.
  • The detectors and the FlowTimer + indicate the status.
  • Up to 30 detectors can be networked per FlowTimer+ Detect RF Set.
  • High-quality detectors from the fire protection expert Flammex.
  • Safe bidirectional radio transmission in the 868Mhz range. Each detector contains a transmitter and receiver!

FlowTimer+ Detect

Water sensor
  • By tap water contact it will immediately shut off the Water via the Flowtimer+.
  • It is easy and safe to monitor filters, tanks or drains directly
FlowTimer+ Detect the water sensor for washing machines and drains
  • Shuts-off by direct water contact
  • Unlocking directly on the FlowTimer+ or via its power supply
  • Plug and play, no further installation needed!
  • The FlowTimer+ displays the status
  • Any number of Detect per FlowTimer + can be connected
  • Stainless steel cast in robust plastic housing