• The FlowTimer+ leak protection would have turned off the water automatically!
    You could prevent
  • The FlowTimer+ leak protection would have turned off the water automatically!
    You could prevent

The Solution = FlowTimer+

The patented Fuse for the Pipe

Safe monitoring procedure

The piping system must be temporarily sealed for a specified period, otherwise shut off automatically

FlowTimer+ the patented leakage protection and water saver for the house

Protection features


Permanent micro leak detection even in presence and during use of water.

Pipe break

Can shut off before the pipe burst, because the smallest cracks or holes can be detected.


Detects when a water withdrawal is no longer stopped.


Shut-off when water is flowing non-stop.


Like an electrical fuse

  • as main / secondary or individual fuse
  • connected in series
  • behind the distribution
  • before distribution
  • any number
FlowTimer+ the leakage protection for the family house

Single-family home

Main fuse directly behind the water meter. Additional fuses for garden, apartment, water softening and outbuildings are very easy to install.
FlowTimer+ the leak protection for the multiple dwelling

Apartment building

Separate securing for each individual apartment or party. Outside area and outbuildings can be fused separately.
FlowTimer+ the leak protection for public buildings

Public buildings, museums, schools...

Protection against vandalism. Securing separate units or different floors. Additional protection of wet cells and coffee kitchens possible.
FlowTimer+ the leakage protection for the business

Business premises

Main fuse directly behind the water meter of your commercial unit. Protection of devices (coffee machine, osmosis systems, refrigerators, etc.).
FlowTimer+ the leakage protection for plant construction


Protection of open, unheated fluid systems. Use comparable to electrical fuses within a plant or system.


  • Plug and play, no configuration required!
  • The tightness and shut-off is indicated by (green / yellow / red).
  • Pre-alarm before shut-off (see accessories).
  • no internet connection, app or registration required.
  • no cloud solution (the device is only with you)
  • always water, because the valve is normally open
Installation location
  • Installation also possible directly behind the water meter without filter!
  • short overall length and any installation position is possible
  • high quality Danfoss fluid components
  • High flow rate
  • Valve is constantly moving and monitored
  • Leakage protection in front of the house filter or backwash filter
    Inline Filter
    allows installation in front of the house filter
  • FlowTimer+ leak protection networkable as a system
    with other FlowTimer + products
  • FlowTimer+ Hub water damage or water stop notification via SMS
    FlowTimer+ Hub
    Alarm forwarding, etc.
  • FlowTimer+ Sound leakage protection with pre-alarm via wireless Alarm
    FlowTimer+ Sound
    Wireless pre-alarm before shutting off
  • FlowTimer+ Protect the hot water stop for the leak protection system
    FlowTimer+ Protect
    Hot Water Stop
  • Connect leakage protection with Smart Home
    FlowTimer+ Connect
    Adapter cable for smart home
  • FlowTimer+ Detect the water sensor for washing machines and drain
    FlowTimer+ Detect
    Direct water detection


Power supply
  • Input voltage: 100 - 240 V ~ / 50-60 Hz
  • Euro plug power supply with TÜV and GS / checkmark
  • Power consumption on average 6 watts
Water supply
  • Drinking water 5 - 30 ° C
  • 1-10 bar operating pressure
  • Flow rate 8.00 m³ / h!
  • Installation length (3/4 inch valve without sensor) only 90 mm!
  • Width (including electronics): 95 mm
  • Height (including electronics): 120 mm
  • DVGW worksheet W 270, Elastomer guideline- 22.12.2011 Liste 1, DIN 50930-6
  • DIN EN 61326-1; VDE 0843-20-1:2013-07; EN 61326-1:2013 / Teil1